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short version of the MV 'qing chun dou', very cute.
2nd-Feb-2010 07:46 pm - [news/cm] ASIENCE ASIAN BEAUTIES
Kao has created an Asian Beauties campaign, and Rainie has been selected to represent Taiwan. she also sings the Mandarin version of the promo song S.H.E and i'm guessing she's included in the English version as well.

Cosmetics company Kao has gathered six female music artists for its new promotional campaign for the Asience line. Now, those six are forming a special unit called The Asian Beauties to sing for the brand's commercials.

The artists involved are Jaime Fong (Hong Kong), Jiaqing Wei (China), Rainie Yang (Taiwan), JUJU (Japan), MINT (Thailand), and Olivia Ong (Singapore). Earlier this month, they recorded the song "S.H.E.," which will be used in the Asience commercials. There are three versions of the song - Japanese, Mandarin, and English. The Japanese version, which features JUJU as the main vocalist, will be released on February 24.

The new Asience commercials are set to start airing on January 23.

good for rainie! i'm glad she was chosen..
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