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anywhere door

a rainie yang community

rainie yang
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a rainie yang community

anywhere door
welcome to anywheredoor a community dedicated to the taiwanese star rainie yang.

Rainie Yang is a taiwanese star known for her acting and singing. She is most notably known as for her 'cute pop princess' image, starring in dramas such as Meteor Garden, Devil Beside You, Why Why Love, and her latest Hi My Sweetheart. She has released 4 albums, her latest being 'Ban Shu Xuan Yan' or 'Not Yet A Woman'.

☆ you must join to post/view downloadable content.
☆ all posts must relate to rainie yang.
☆ no bashing of any kind is permitted in this community.
☆ all media posts MUST be locked, all news posts MUST have a source.
☆ when posting an entry, images can only be 400px max. three icon teasers max.
☆ use tags, they keep the community organized. not sure what to tag the post as? ask the moderator.
☆ advertisements are allowed as long as they relate to rainie yang. (posts on graphics communities will NOT be accepted.)

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ai mei, ban shu xuan yan, devil beside you, meteor garden, mike he, miss no good, rainie yang, ren yi men, spider lillies, why why love, yang cheng lin, yu shang ai, 任意門, 半熟宣言, 曖昧, 杨丞琳, 楊丞琳, 遇上愛